Hot Wheels Mario Kart  Serie 3 Boxes
Hot Wheels Mario Kart  Serie 3 Boxes
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Hot Wheels Mario Kart Serie 3 Boxes

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With lots of design variety and varying levels of rarity, the Item Box die-cast line is prefect for collector's and fans alike.

A race in Mario Kart™ tends to go for three laps, and so does the exclusive Mario Kart™ Item Boxes series for 2020! Series 3 features a mix of returning favorites from Series 1 and 2, while adding a few new surprises to the blind boxes.  

You'll have the opportunity to collect eight items you might find in the game, including the coveted Star Cup Trophy! The other seven items in this mix are each mounted on their own mini karts, with the Mario Kart™ logo in front, and a Hot Wheels logo in back. New for the series includes the nearly unavoidable Blue Spiny Shell that targets the leader of a race, which you can get from item boxes in a Mario Kart™ game; and a Mechakoopa and a Cheep-Cheep, both of which serve as obstacles to racers on their routes.

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